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At CoolBuild we provide you with 30 website builder features. Don't waste time and money searching for these features on the internet. We save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars by offering all these in one place! At CoolBuild you get to leverage these features all for no extra add-on fees, they are included with the website builder for free! Try CoolBuild website builder's revolutionary website building tool that will allow you to create your website in no time.



Web Page

With a host of 10 highly attractive layouts and several text options, you can make your website as interesting as you want it to be! Instead of manually searching for new updates and designs, Coolbuild will allow you to automatically change the entire design of your site – at the mere click of a button -  much better than copying pages of HTML code into your browser.  Our designers are continuously adding new designs to the library, so you can easily give your website a fresh look anytime you want.

Links Page

Improve your website’s page ranking with high quality incoming and outgoing links from your site. Usually if you had to get the same thing done manually it would cost you top dollar. However, with the CoolBuild website builder tool you get to import and send out links easily. With comprehensive features that allow you to add images, subheadings for categorization as well as creation of sub pages – organizing pages just got easier!

Photo Albums

Show off your photos using our pre-defined photo album formats. Just upload your photos and let our website builder resize your photos automatically.  Showcase product images on your site in thumbnail format. On clicking, the image gets enlarged and displays beautifully. You have the option to add a description and title to your images, and you can put them in any order you want.


Add more excitement and interaction into your site with a host of multimedia formats. With CoolBuild you can now add a host of multimedia content such as flash, video or music.

Want to sell an e-book on your site? Simple – just upload the e-book onto the site.

Want customers to listen to background music? You can customize each page to have music of your choice!


FeedBack form

Adding a feedback form to your website has never been easier.  Our website builder tool allows you to create a custom feedback form in just a few clicks. You can either choose to receive submitted feedback from customers via your email or store them on the site itself.

Feedback forms are a great way to improve productivity and website performance.


Contacts Page

Letting your customers know that they can contact you by offering easily accepsible information on your website is a major advantage for your business. 

CoolBuild includes an easy contacts page format which allows you to list all pertinent and important contact information.


Guest Book

Let the world know how customers feel about your company. Our online guestbook allows you to receive customer opinions and suggestions about your website.


Recommend Site

Get more publicity for free. The easy “recommend site” feature allows your customers to refer your site to others.


message board

Message Board

Enhance interaction and discussion between your customers online. With this unique message board you can modify existing posts, add or delete posts too. You can allow another member to be a message board monitor by giving them access to manage the board. If you don’t want an existing message to be changed you could even lock it.


Mailing List/Newsletter

Add a newsletter feature to you website and allow members to signup easily. Email newsletters to your customers in bulk. Whether it is about a new product launch or something important information that you want to get your customers, with the newsletter feature, we make it easy to reach out to targeted customers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ or Q & A)

Now you can answer all the commonly asked questions by customers on your own site. Having a FAQ online can help you cut down on email or telephone enquiries.


redirect page

Redirect Page

If you have affiliate sites or a parent site you’d like customers to visit, the redirect page option comes in handy. From the index page itself now you can divert customers to any particular site you choose.


Autoresponder Page

Autoresponders can be a key tool for your business.  Email your database list and prospective customers by setting up emails that have been written in advance and then simply set your autoresponder to automatically send out the emails on the days that you specify.  You can even be away from your computer and your emails will be sent to your list.

For example you could make a 5 part mini-tutorial and then send out one tutorial each day – just enter the information into your autoresponder and it will take care of sending those out to your list!  No need to manually send out each course each day to each email address!



Keep track of all current events and happenings in your organization with an online calendar. CoolBuild makes it so easy to add your calendar simply by clicking on the calendar page.  Now you are ready to advertise or inform your visitors of any future events in advance as well as display details of each event.


Articles Page

Post articles which can be easily formatted automatically on the same page. Our article maker allows you to publish either a series of journal entries or articles - publishing information on your latest announcements.


coupon page


Get your customers attention by offering coupons. These printable discount coupons can be created using this tool. Customers can then take a printout and bring it to the store for accessing specific discounts. The tool also allows for easy attachment of images and textual content. One can create more than one coupon through this tool.




As soon as a web address gets manually entered, a map to the link gets automatically generated on CoolBuild. This can be used on the home page itself to direct customers to specific locations to your site.

Quotes Page

This tool from CoolBuild can be used to display any customer quotes or testimonials. You could even have poems or famous sayings posted on this section.


Polling Booth

Get to know what your customers think! This unique polling booth feature from CoolBuild allows your customers to express themselves on diverse issues. You can then collect votes, display the results in a bar graph format, as well as archive all old polls. Each poll displays 10 results.


Business Hours

Let your customers know when you are accessible. This tool from CoolBuild allows you to list out your working hours on the home page or any location of choice.


This tool allows customers to easily navigate across diverse sections on your site. By listing out the sections of your site on the index page your customers can search exactly what they are looking for.


Press Releases

Now you can post important announcements and product launches on your site in a pre-formatted display. You can post several press releases using this unique tool from CoolBuild. Organize your press releases by date and list out all important organizational announcements on your site!



Shopping Cart:

3 Different Catalog Layouts

You can easily sell your products, and services directly from your website. Upload your product image which will automatically be formatted into thumbnail size. When clicked, the larger image will be shown so that you customers can see your product in greater detail, and then add the product right into the shopping cart. You will be able to upload 3 images for each product, and you can offer a drop down menu for different product choices, such as color and size.

Easy Shopping Cart Checkout

You can easily configure your shopping cart to check out using Paypal, for free, or opt to add credit card processing. Also add taxes and shipping which can be automatically calculated.

Secure Shopping Certificate by VeriSign

Your customers will feel confident to shop on your website with our Secure VeriSign Certificed shopping cart. The Verisign logo will be displayed on your checkout pages.

Other Features:

Easy Editor

Add and edit your content with our easy to use text editor. You won't need to know any HTML coding, just enter the text, choosing your fonts, text size, and color. For those with some coding knowledge, you can still have the option to code your text.

Template Builder

We offer more than 1300 pre-designed templates. It's so easy to change your template, just browse our library which is organized by categories, and change you template at any time without effecting your current website information. You still have the option to customize the template with your own photos and graphics.


Your business will look more professional with it's own email address.
Add up to 5 email addresses all of which will show your own domain name.

Stock Photos

Over 2000 professional stock photos are available (licensed from Hemera images) for you to use on your website. Add a professional touch to your website by using these professional images.

Your own Domain Name

Coolbuild offers you a Free domain name ( if you choose, though you'll always be able to use the free domain name that you sign up with.

Click here to view a short tutorial on getting your own Free domain name

Password Protect your pages

Protect certain page by adding password protection. You can protect one page, or even your entire website. This can be used for websites that offer wholesale prices, or you can give access to memebers only for certain pages on your website. You can easily manage your protected pages from one place.

Marketing Tips and Tools

We offer lots of free tools and services to help you get traffic to your website. Get a free 90 trial with Submitnet for search engines, plus we offer free information on best marketing tools which have been researched by our team.